In the Present series Radka Kovačíková uses Goldsmith technique to engrave mirrors enclosed in the iPad frame. The drawings inside the frames, which are also visible from behind, document the author’s short-time sketches and impressions during virtual conversations. The series Presence is posing the question of what is real and what is virtual. We use technological devices to transfer our feelings, and thoughts on / under / through the screen joining, strengthening contacts and meetings. Our face is reflected in the monitor, but we are interested in the world behind the monitor, behind the mirror similar to the Carroll’s story, where Wonderland is a reflection of the word turned upside down; where cause and effect have a nonliteral character; cake should be given away first, then cut up; he who wants to remain in place, must run.

" We often are like passersby in our life, time is flowing between our fingers, dreaming of a different future ... The ability to be consciously present is an art by tit self. It is the beginning of the future we want to live. The present reflects the strength of our ability to put things into motion,  " says Kovačíková.


                             Hana Mikulenkova

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