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“I perceive jewelry as a way of life, art investment and passionate love."

Radka graduated from the School of Arts in Turnov, where she mastered a wide variety of traditional goldsmith techniques. Then she pursued her Master degree at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in Metal and Jewellery Studio. During her university studies she completed educational stays in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and USA, where she focused on jewellery through reaching of other media. During her stay in America, she completed an internship in the New York City Aaron Faber Gallery. Radka actively participates in workshops, international competitions and symposiums which she even co-organizes.

 She fully lives through the topics and concepts. They mean to her an inexhaustible challenge, a tool to express her own opinion, while jewellery is her guidance, where at the end there always is a new project. In her artwork she introduces truly broad view of jewellery. She likes to combine “high and low” materials and techniques, and the process of creation is to her as important as the result.

She is not fascinated by designing forms, but allows them to develop during a passionate process, live them through the action, according to the initial concept. She also proclaims jewellery as a certain kind of adrenaline lifestyle. Relaxed and open approach to her work fascinates a combination of materials, while it does not despise precious metals or toilet paper. Strong aestheticization is not the main domain of her work, as evidenced by her favourite flesh colour, which is atypical for jewellery for its camouflage and subdued character, but which extremely fascinates the author.

 Radka creates jewellery of all sizes within various media, but always with fineness 1000/1000. And because of its unconventionality, they form their own values ​​and temptation.


"Born in Czech Republic, being surrounded by my international "giants" during all my studies and living at New York  definitely helped me to keep doing what my heart has been beating for.

I feel very gratefull for all experiences I could learn from ...those days so as now. 


Right NOW? I am sitting in my studio in Prague and I create and celebrate the Art of my Life. 


Yes, I love it!"  





What is it like to be an artist in New York City?

We do not see things as thay are We see things as we are.

My favourite quoute 
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